Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Version?

QuickBooks Enterprise Versions

Businesses who are still using QuickBooks Pro and Premier versions moving to Enterprise for experiencing a new way of managing their accounting operations.

we will look into major advantageous features of QuickBooks Enterprise version.

Multiple User Login : QuickBooks Enterprise

There is a remote desktop service which is available as a built-in feature in Windows Servers Operating Systems and is known as Windows terminal services. It caters to the requirement of multiple user login at the same time and at the same window server.

The new QuickBooks version is built on this and allows your entire team to login and work at the same time from any location.

At max, 30 users can login at the same time as compared to 5 and 3 that Premiere and Pro could handle. Also as it works in a LAN (local area network), it is quicker and more stable.A growing organization may face restrictions with Pro and Premiere because of the restricted databases it provides in terms of the space.

Scalable and Dedicated Database: QuickBooks Enterprise

However, the version of Enterprise QuickBooks increases the limit by providing 250 MB for a company file and even if you cross this limit, you still can keep running your operations securely.

With more available space you don’t have to worry about space crunch when you decide to expand your business.

Custom Fields

You can create up to 30 custom fields in QuickBooks and these can be defined as text fields or drop downs based on user’s requirement.

The option to create custom fields in Pro and Premier were maximum 7. With custom fields you can capture your data better.

Defined User Roles and Permissions

With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can now create multiple roles and define access permissions to create multi-level of security for your data.

The pre-defined roles can be assigned to users in one-click to provide or restrict rights for them to access the data.

However, with the same option available in Pro and Premier, it had a limit to the number of roles you could define.

Search Feature for Transactions

QuickBooks Enterprise allows a new search option that can even search for data within any transactions you have made for credit note customer quotation or sale order. Searching in larger databases can be very daunting is such options are not available.

Other Features

You can now add Advanced Pricing and Advance Inventory with QuickBooks Enterprise. The latest version also enables you to club and consolidate reports from other QuickBooks modules and add it to a single financial statement and export it in an Excel format.

Other than what is mentioned above, QuickBooks latest version provides the below options as well thus making it a desirable accounting tool.

  • Making it a more robust accounting tool, QuickBooks has added more tools for accountants in this latest version such as Client Data Review, Batch Enter Transactions, Write-off Invoices and many more. Ask for a demo today.
  • Now when you verify the company file, the system will help you with a report covering what was fixed and what couldn’t be.
  • With just one click you can send all transactions that are kept as ‘sent later’.
  • Made an error for few recent invoices or checks? No problem as you can now delete them in batches rather than selecting each and deleting as you used to do in the previous versions.
  • For companies converting their sales order to purchase order, the new feature ‘Auto Copy Ship-To Address’ works wonders.
  • Advanced reporting is available now with built-in templates.
  • Other features such as column sorting, e-invoicing, assembly shortage report etc. are also additions to the new version.

We hope it is enough reasons and attractions for you to move your accounting to the latest QuickBooks Enterprise version. Experience a new level of accounting with advanced reporting and features, more dedicated space and better performance with QuickBooks Enterprise latest version.Any support give call us our Intuit helpline support USA dial 1800-865-4183.